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Unearned Bounty is a Pirate Naval Action game where you battle other Scallawags or Pirate Killing AI Bots in a timed arena battle for infamy and gold.  Shop in the ships store after the match by opening treasure chests for skins and flags.  Gain Infamy and recognization the more you battle and hone your skills with all the attack abilities that each ship possesses.  With the new Horde Mode, prepare to meet your maker!

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Rule the Sea

bemorepirate seaofthieves

There be Pirates to Battle

Avast ye scurvy sea-dogs! This be Unearned Bounty that nods to Twisted Metal, Halo, and League of Legends with a pirate-y and stylistic art theme. Core gameplay implements intuitive mechanics and arcade-style combat based on broadside cannon naval warfare with a light touch of fantasy added to the mix.  

bemorepirate seaofthieves

Be the Captain

Abilities: Each ship is equipped with its own active and passive abilities to encourage different play styles and provide unique confrontations. Ramming speed, Flamethrowers, Poison gas, Explosive barrels, Rockets, and more.

bemorepirate seaofthieves

Defeat Scallawags

Wrapping Map System: Pirates know no bounds! Sail indefinitely and you'll always be close to the action Pac-Man style without being pushed up against the edge or scallawags hiding in a corner. If an opponent is sailing in the distance to the East, sailing West you can travel towards them head on! 

Scallawags Needed to Become Pirates

Unearned Bounty Game is now on steam early access

Gather your friends or meet strange new pirates in the lobby, or battle the Pirate Killing Bots.... the naval battle awaits! 

In the Team and Horde mode, You battle Pirate Killing Bots in a Death Match!  Everyone shares in the bounty.

Each ship has unique battle abilities that can alter the strategy of the game.  Try them all and become master of the sea! 

Strategies like upgrading abilities by harvesting merchants gold and then battling may win the day!

Many gather, few will be come Pirate King.  Gain Infamy the more you play and  remember to go to the ships store.

Open treasure chests in the ships store for Rare, Epic, and Legendary Flags to display on your ship in battle.

12 Tracks of original music of Unearned Bounty