Ship Abilities


Fire the cannons to cause opponents to lose coins (see them fly right into your pocket).  Use the barrel toss ability to inflict great damage at any angle. The barrel toss is great for attacking at a distance or off center.

Spitting Dragon

Flamethrower is deadly when attacking a pirate from behind.  The more you upgrade this ability the farther and deadlier it becomes.  The cannons inflict fire damage well after the hit and can be a real game changer!

Ghastly Crow

Sometimes a skunk has a place, and this be it!  Spray a trail of gas to sink merchants or those pirates following too close for their own good!  The more this ability is upgraded, the longer the gas will linger!  Go faster when the gas is on to outmaneuver in a pinch. 

Iron Horns

Ramming is the name of the game with this ship.  Using the special ability, accelerate to avoid danger or ram with vengeance with less own ship health damage.  Upgrading this ability enables a quicker recharge and stronger attacks.

"Turtle ship"

A mechanical ship that launches rockets against pirates on the horizon.  Defensively the most robust while the shell is closed.  The smallest of all the ships; yet powerful if played smartly against more aggressive ships.

"Wizard ship"

Think Harry Potter...

AI Bot

You can see these in custom matches.... sail right at them and if they turn you win!

Merchant Ships

Defenseless they be.... bounty for the taking 

Orc Ship

Scary indeed! 

Tesla Ship

Generate enough power and poof...

More ships to come

Avast there be Pirates