Learn the Basics

Start with the Tutorial to learn the basic mechanics of the Game.  The default keyboard movements using WASD can be changed by pressing the "Escape" key then clicking customize the game.  Take some time deciding what works for you here while no one is trying to sink you!

Join the Game

 When you click this option, a match lobby is joined with others waiting to battle.  The game will start when either 8 players have joined or the timer countdown completes.  Take note of the ships being played and prepare for the quick match to begin!

Fight your Friends

Pirates have no friends, but battle your mates in a local custom game!  Add Bots by clicking on empty slots, or close slots to restrict who joins.  Pirate who creates the lobby controls the start of the game.  This local custom game uses the lobby creator as the Per to Per controller, so a fast internet connection and a higher end PC is a big plus!