Learn the Basics

The default keyboard movements using WASD can be changed by pressing the "Escape" key then clicking customize the game.  Take some time deciding what works for you.  Remember to Upgrade your ship when collecting enough gold during the match (lower left of the screen).  The ships special ability is controlled by pressing the "space" bar.


When "Battle" is selected, a list of games are presented as either in the Lobby or In - Progress.  The Ping time is displayed that indicates what type of latency you could expect if you joined that game.  You can create your own game for others to join, or use a password to battle the bots in peace.  The new Pirate Team v.s. Bots is a twist in which share in the infamy or shame!

Fight your Friends

Pirates have no friends, but battle your mates in a Match!  Add Bots by clicking on empty slots, or add a password  to restrict who joins.  Pirate who creates the lobby controls the start of the game.  This local custom game uses the lobby creator as the time synch, so a fast internet connection and a higher end PC is a big plus!