Info and Stuff

Game Principles

Built from Sea Level up as a multiplayer online game.  Free to Play means exactly that!  No pay to win here.  Matchmaking use a player's infamy statistics to match similar pirates in battle. 

Now on Steam

Unearned Bounty was released on Steam early access February 22nd.


@FeloniousHunk you want some fun,smack talking, ship blowing up,frantic pvp action so you can show your friends that YOU are the pirate that should be feared. Definitely check out Unearned Bounty... it is so much fun to play with friends. Lots of excitement! Oh and did I mention it's FREE?!?!

@VapinGamers - Seriously what are you waiting for? Go Go Go! You will thank me later!

Guys you need this game, you want this game, you will love this game. Trust me! The VG community loves this and best of all you can have up to 8 players a match and it is free to play. Get it!

@IGBDcom - Ahoy! check out Unearned Bounty for some epic pirate naval multiplayer action. Swashbuckling.. but with ships. Grog optional.


Q: Can I play on an older MAC?

A: Yes! We optimized the game for older machines

Q: Is Linux supported? A: Yes! 

Q: Will Unearned Bounty be released on XBOX One and PS4? 

A: Target is 4th Quarter 2018

Q: How much does the game cost $? 

 A: The game is free to play and you can earn in-game currency to buy treasure chests (skins and flags).  Three of the ships will be unlocked and rotated so everyone gets a chance at playing their special ability.  Players can unlock ships and treasure chests using real money