Pirates with knowledge know no bounds

Win the Match by having the most Infamy

Infamy determines the leader and the ultimate winner of the match (pressing the TAB key while in the match displays the current infamy status). 

  • Gain 10 infamy points for every merchant vessel sunk (ships with the pure white sails that are unarmed). 
  • Infamy gained from sinking other pirates uses an equation that basically rewards sinking the leaders in the match.  On the mini-map, you can see the leader as a different color icon or look for the gold skull floating above their ship!
  • Being sunk by another pirate reduces your Infamy by 15% (if the pirate who sank you has higher infamy)
    or something less (if you have higher infamy and by how much).
  • Having poor seamanship skills will cost 25% of your infamy if you sink by running aground or colliding with a merchant ship.

Gold and Upgrades

Gain gold and a small health boost by sailing near and collecting the wreckage of a pirate or merchant ship. The amount of gold varies by how much was being carried when sunk.

Gold only has value in the current match, so use it on ship upgrades (indicated at the bottom left of the screen) or when using the ship's special ability.

Resist Damage

Upgrading the hull of the ship allows a pirate to be more daring when entering battle.  An upgraded ship hull will appear larger with additional structures, but more important is the amount of health obtained and resistance to damage!  Without a hull upgrade, the maximum health is 500.  With one hull upgrade, health goes to 625 and with two hull upgrades health goes to 750! Health is lost when attacked by other pirates, colliding with other ships, or running aground.  Ramming damage is reduced also by hull upgrades ( 0 / 10% / 20%). 

Regaining health during the match takes skill and is accomplished in only three ways. 

  • Sinking other ships and collecting their gold
  • Sailing without firing the cannons (regeneration rate increases with hull upgrades 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 health points) 
  • Sacrifice your ship by ramming an opponent (do not ground the ship or die with a merchant) and re-spawn at full health (note: the last upgrade will be lost)

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Speed Boost

Add more Sails! While speed might not seem important, it does provide a lot of utility. 

  • Enter into combat faster
  • Avoid dangerous situations
  • Dodge attacks
  • Maneuver to fire the cannons on the opposite side of the ship (during reload)
  • Max Speed, Acceleration, Deceleration, and Rotation speed bonus (0 / 17.5% / 35%)

More power to sink Scalawags and Merchants

Upgrading the Firepower increases the number of cannons on each side of the ship (3/4/5) and the effectiveness of each shot landed. Since there are more cannons to reload, the time between shots increases slightly (5.2/5.55/5.77 seconds)

Special Ability

Each ship has unique offensive and defensive abilities that become amplified with additional upgrades.  Learning how to master these abilities can make life pretty bad for other pirates!

What to Upgrade First?

Winning the game has to do with the amount of infamy gained throughout the match.  Attacking other pirates that have upgraded different abilities may result in you seeing Davy Jones.  Go Fast? More Cannons? More Health?  Maybe strategy and timing are more important... 

Become a Pirate Legend

With the helm and grog in hand, master your abilities to send other pirates to see Davy Jones. What will your legend be?

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